We make simple and beautiful websites, marketing material, promotional videos and events for awesome small businesses.

Marketing your business and creating a website is tiring and overwhelming if you're trying run your business at the same time.

That's where we come in!

The Process Of Helping Small Businesses

Small businesses are different from other kinds of businesses as they usually have a smaller budget and team. That's where careful consideration of where the financial resources and time should go is incredibly important.

First, we assess a business’s marketing needs and how they can reach their target market.

Then, we carefully select which marketing methods to use and come up with the best marketing plan that will save you huge amounts of money, energy and time.

Contact us for a free consultation on Skype or over the phone, to find out what kind of marketing presence will be the best approach for your business!

Our Core Values

Retro Events & Marketing cares for the environment and uses 100% recycled paper for our reasonably-priced graphic designs, flyers and business cards for events and businesses. We think marketing your business shouldn't cost the earth.

We also care about human rights and believe in supporting the local community.

We always try to support small businesses with our buying choices, because we absolutely love seeing small businesses succeed!

A Bit About Us


RE&M was created by Emma Hall, an experienced website designer, marketer & event manager. 

Emma loves classic, old style designs, antiques, and meditation. She helps small businesses to succeed, (usually with a nice cup of tea in hand.)

Emma is an ace trainer and business coach and her super-power is problem-solving. She has also worked as Assistant Editor for the hugely popular NTD.TV.

Jarrod is a trained artist and art teacher, and studied at the VCA.

He has also worked for NTD Television and The Epoch Times as a photojournalist and cameraman. 

Jarrod's photography and video editing skills are superb, and he creates amazing, snappy videos for various events and business promotional videos.