Make An Instagram Account That ACTUALLY Looks Good! + Free Colour & Style Guide

Make an instagram account that knocks peoples socks off - using our FREE style guide! ——>

To create a beautiful business Instagram feed, it's a great idea to create an Instagram style guide that reflects your brand and what you will be posting. 

An Instagram style guide is usually based on your business' branding and can include the main colours, fonts, borders and even patterns you will use for your images.

How to Make An Instagram Account That Actually Looks Good - Colour & Style Guide

The process takes a bit more thought and care, but it naturally creates a beautiful Instagram feed that communicates your brand to your ideal clients.

Your Instagram style guide is your go-to for the general look of your images.

Even just creating your style guide will help you make choices of colours and style when taking photos or searching for images - you will simply know if it fits into your brand style.  

How to make your business Instagram feed look good

Creating an Instagram Style Guide

The easiest way to create an Instagram style guide is using Canva.

You can create one yourself, or use my free style guide template so you can easily create your own.

Don't forget to make a copy before you start editing.  Go to File, make a copy, then start editing! 


Select the fonts you will use for your graphics and the colour theme you will use (mostly).  You can even think about the borders and patterns that you may use for your graphics.

Don't let your style guide stifle your creativity

Your style guide shouldn’t mean you are overly restrictive of the images you post - after all, it’s your style GUIDE.    It shouldn't take out your genuine personality.  Some Instagram accounts are so highly curated they fail to engage beyond a pretty photo.


The result?

When I implemented my Instagram style guide, I noticed that my feed started to "come together" whereas before it looked all over the place.

I also started to notice I was getting more followers than normal. 


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