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If you have a new small business, you probably already know how difficult it is to navigate all the different ways you “should” be marketing your business online.

One way is to trawl the ‘World Wide Web’ to try and find snippets of information that will help you do this or that, and try and guess which methods will actually work for your business.

Another way is to actually enrol in a course that will lead you from start to finish on how to market your business online. Enter Jim Jimenez’ ‘The Business Lounge’!


A Review Of Kim Jimenez' The Business Lounge

The Business Lounge is an online video course that has a “Success Path” that guides you through the different phases of an online based business. It also has numerous online courses on various topics including productivity, branding and social media.

Who Is The Business Lounge Made For?

The Business Lounge is aimed at online businesses so if you are a brick and mortar style business, the “Success Path” courses may not be very spot on for you. Does this mean you can’t learn from the Business Lounge?

Not at all! It just means that you need to take or leave some aspects of the Success Path, and in some cases even ignore the recommendations of what to start and not start on for each Business phase.

But having said that, the Business Lounge provides great resources for any kind of business, because nowadays to get ahead, even brick and mortar businesses need to be doing things like building email lists, Facebook advertising, blogging, using Instagram, etc., to grow their business.

A review of Kim Jimenez’ The Business Lounge - online business course membership

What Do You Get From ‘The Business Lounge For Online Creators’?

The beauty of the Business Lounge is that it’s not just an online course. It’s also a membership, so that you get support through the exclusive Facebook group, live critiques of your sales pages, branding.

There’s also an online forum, and an opportunity to get an Accountability Buddy to help you keep on track with your goals!

A review of ‘The Business Lounge for Online Creators’ and the Success Path

The Six Stages Of A Successful Online Business

Within the ‘Success Path’ there are six stages you can follow, which are the Validate, Launch, Hustle, Breakthrough, Profit and Scale.

Each stage has a list of do’s and don’ts to keep you on track, and to avoid the “shiny object syndrome” of grabbing onto new, exciting things to do to market your business, while not remaining consistent in doing the things that can actually grow your business in the long run.

As mentioned previously, if you are not a primarily online based business (meaning if you serve customers or clients in a particular city or area) then you may need to pick and choose some of the steps here.

But if you are an online-based business, this Success Path is an absolutely amazing resource to simply follow along!

A review of the Business Lounge by Kim Jimenez- drawbacks and benefits

Drawbacks Of The Business Lounge

There are a few things about The Business Lounge (or TBL) that could be improved (but then again, nothing is really perfect or absolutely to everyone’s taste). One thing would be that some of the videos are a bit drawn-out and long, whereas I like things to be very to the point and short.

Being a small business owner and mum, I’m very short on time, which means I like things to be very quickly completed. For some people, though, they might like things a bit more conversational and personal, which TBL certainly is.

The other drawback can be that in reality, there is no real ‘Success Path’ that will fit every business. So in practice, while following along the ‘Success Path’ sometimes you do need to make the call to skip some parts of the courses.

But I think this is not necessarily a bad thing, as it does make you consciously think about what you know will work for your business and what will not.

The level of support offered in TBL is phenomenal, and especially if you are an online business, it can be a lonely world. This membership makes you feel like you’re not along - because you’re not!

Kim Jimenez The Founder Of The Business Lounge

Great For Marketers Needing To Update Their Skills

TBL was great to enable me to update my skills as a marketer. Although I had studied marketing as part of my Diploma, that was over 10 years ago. Just using Youtube tutorials and short courses to get up to speed was nowhere near enough!

TBL was a great overview of online marketing, to help me focus on my weak points and see where I needed to improve.

Overall Recommendations For The Business Lounge

Overall, I would say if you need to setup some more online marketing for your business, you really can’t go wrong with Kim Jimenez’ The Business Lounge.

With step-by-step instructions, and easy access to get more help if you’re stuck, this is a great way to implement some essential marketing techniques for your business.

Not only that, Kim Jimenez, the creator of ‘The Business Lounge’ is a lovely person and great coach, which makes the whole experience of TBL amazing!

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*This is a true and unbiased review of the Business Lounge based on our own experience and entirely honest recommendations. If you found this review helpful and are considering signing up for the Business Lounge, please use our affiliate link.