Don’t Have Time To Update Your Squarespace Website? We Upload Content, Make Design Tweaks, Implement SEO, Setup eCommerce & Analytics.

We help small and medium sized businesses upload content to their Squarespace website, make design tweaks, integrate Facebook pixels and Google Analytics tracking, create lead magnets, SEO content - basically anything Squarespace!

Got some annoying headers that won’t do what they’re told? Ultra slow loading times? Design tweaks you can’t manage to figure out, or content you don’t have time to upload? We do all your tweaks, and implement on-page SEO while we work! With no overseas outsourcing, our work is completed fully in-house, which is why we can ensure top quality work and speedy communication.


 Squarespace website assistance & Management

We help you complete the business website you need, at a low one-off hourly rate of $99 per hour, or a monthly plan from $80 per hr.

Whatever state your website is in, don't hesitate to ask for help. We fix up small minor issues to large terrible ones as well as do regular updates when you want to add more content.

The best part of our services is that we can implement best SEO practices as we work, leading to more business in the long run.

Retro also redesigns Squarespace websites, and offer full marketing and website packages that have amazing value.

Fantastic friendly service, Emma provided us with Squarespace training and SEO for our website and on Google and we now keep our website up to date and we have more traffic and enquiries as a direct result.
— Martin Steel, 3D Comm
One Hour Of Squarespace Design Work
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We Implement Valuable features including:

  • Website design tweaks

  • Upload blog posts

  • On-page SEO

  • Facebook Pixel Installation

  • Mailchimp Integration

  • Google Analytics/Console

  • Product Galleries

  • Squarespace mail campaigns

  • Technical difficulties

  • URL mapping/redirects

  • Lead magnet implementation

  • Add new pages

  • Speed optimization of images


How It Works

It's easy and convenient to book in our services. We do all kinds of Squarespace updates, including uploading products, blog posts, do SEO, signup forms, galleries, Facebook pixels and Google Analytics. Being a certified Squarespace Circle member and Squarespace specialists, we provide quality service, and no, we do not outsource!


  1. Book in our services.

  2. We will be in touch within 24 hrs. to find out what tasks you have on your to-do list.

  3. We set the timer and get through as much on the list as we can in the hour.

Still have questions? Get in touch and ask away!



Learn How to use your Squarespace website With coaching sessions

Many small business owners decide to make their own website using Squarespace, the drag and drop style website builders that say, "anyone can make their own website."

This works well to a point, but after hours and hours of trying to make your website look good, setup eCommerce, make design tweaks or implement SEO, you want to give up, feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

Sound familiar?  A lot of clients we work with have the same story. To get your business really humming along, we also hold one-on-one marketing coaching sessions in Melbourne CBD, Ballarat & online so you can regularly update your own website, including uploading products and blog posts.