Need help using your Squarespace website? We provide Squarespace help or development with an hourly service to update your website, and provide training in inner Melbourne and Ballarat.


Many small business owners decide to make their own website using Squarespace, the drag and drop style website builders that say, "anyone can make their own website."

This works well to a point, with tasks such as uploading content, but after a month or so of trying to make your website look any good, you want to give up, feel overwhelmed and confused.  Sound familiar?  A lot of clients we have worked with share the same story.


That's where we come in, to help you create the website you need, working within your budget.

Whatever state your website is in, don't be embarrassed to ask for help. We create Wix or Squarespace websites from scratch, or fix up small minor issues. Retro Events & Marketing offers both full website packages, or specific tasks done by the hour.

We add essential Squarespace features such as Paypal and online shop setup, Mailchimp, Google Analytics and product galleries. 

It's easy and convenient to quickly book in our services to setup your online shop, signup form, galleries and google analytics. Book in and we can deliver within 2-4 business days!  Contact us now to get started.

We put emphasis on creating good SEO (search engine optimization), so your website will show up higher on Google searches. This means you will pay less on advertising using Google Adwords and social media.

One-on-one training sessions are held in Ballarat and inner Melbourne over a coffee, and go over exactly what you need to know for your specific website. Training sessions can be 1-2 hrs long and you can let us know what you need from the session. It includes 15 minutes of free phone support so we can answer questions after the training. ($80-160)

Call us today on Ph: 0455 528 733 to get help with your Squarespace website and get it completed in the shortest amount of time possible.