Simple and Stylish Logo Designs & Branding Packages For Small Businesses - A Visual Message That Resonates With Your Ideal Customers

We create beautiful logo and branding packages for small businesses in Australia.  With a variety of logos suitable for social media, websites and print, we ensure your brand stays consistent across all your marketing platforms.

Our logo design process includes diving deep into the habits and likes/dislikes of your ideal customer or client, to find out what will attract them to your business.

Our Logo Design & Branding Features:

  • Branding & logo questionnaire - we get to know your business

  • 2 Logo revisions - refine the idea to get your perfect logo

  • High res. files provided - use on your website, social media & print

If you're a new start-up in need of a logo design, website, marketing and coaching check out the excellent value of our Marketing & Website Start-up Packages.  

Need to make some slight changes to your logo or does your branding need a little freshening up? Book in our graphic designer from $150.


A Variety of Logo Design Packages For Different Stages of Your Business:


Branding Kit

The perfect companion to go with your new or existing logo. Our branding kit means your colours, designs and fonts perfectly extend to your social media and marketing presence.

Style guide

Social media templates

Font guide

Colour scheme kit


Simple Logo

A beautiful, professional logo design with a variety of high resolution files provided perfect for startups. 3 concept variations included.


Premium Logo

Great for businesses in need of a branding overhaul, we get your branding down across all platforms. 3 different concepts included.


Icon & favicon

Social media logo



Attract Your Ideal Customers

Your logo design and branding is very important in attracting your ideal customers.

The colours used, the lines, and overall feeling of your brand is communicated in a matter of seconds that leads to either attracting or repelling your potential customers.

At RE&M we deeply analyze your ideal target market to make sure the right design principles are used to communicate what your business is all about.  

Our Latest Branding Projects