Beautiful, personal marketing videos that communicate why your business is unique.

It's impossible to ignore the power of marketing video for promoting your business.  Did you know:

  • Around 50% of potential customers look for videos related to a product or service before they go to a store (ThinkWithGoogle).

  • The vast majority of customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it (Animoto). 

Marketing videos for small businesses, musicians and NGO’s to stand out from the crowd.


One-Day Filming

Approx. 4 minute video

Project management
1-3 Locations
5-6 Hrs. Filming
2-3 Interviews
Video post production
1 Revision included
High Res. files

from $970

Half-Day Filming

Approx. 2 minute video

Project management
1-2 Locations
3.5 Hrs. Filming
1-2 Interviews
Video Post production
1 Revision included
High Res. files

from $625

2.5 Hr Filming

Approx. 1 minute video

Project management
1 Location
1 Interview
Video post production
1 Revision included
High Res. files

from $450


We help small businesses and NGO's in Ballarat & Melbourne, Victoria to create beautifully shot and crafted videos.

Creating a video for your small business is a great way to show what you do and gain more trust from your audience.

If you have a unique product or service, video is the perfect way to communicate that via social media and your website.

Small Business Feature Video

  • HD film, taken by experienced filmmaker

  • Video edited to create a short, trendy video

  • Stunning time-lapse

  • Interesting video interviews

Features Include:


Business Introduction Video:


A beautiful, fun video for your small business, song, product or event.

Our marketing videos are the perfect way to promote your business and can they be used on your website, used for advertising, and social media.

Contact us to get started on your new business promotional video!


Event Video:


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