Social media Training, Content Creation, & Coaching for NGO’s, businesses And Professionals in Australia.

Social media is a great way to connect with your ideal customer, and eventually turn them into paying customers! But this isn’t easy nowadays, in the crowded social media world.

Retro specializes in Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for small businesses, providing strategy, style guides, as well as image/graphics content creation.

Before we start, we analyze your target market and help you choose which platforms will work best for you - because of the simple fact that the more social media channels you have, the more work it is!

Branding, Content And Style Guide Package - DIY Social Media Management

Before starting on the social media journey for your business, it’s imperative to plan out your voice and style. This is because you can’t target everything to everyone.

Working together with your graphic designer, our marketing manager will plan out the branding that will appeal to your audience, that will also create beautiful cohesion in your social media presence. We provide branding templates in Canva so you can easily edit and download them every week.

We will create a content planner for the week so you know what kind of content to post and when, as well as ideas for topics, captions and hashtags.

To get followers you must nail your branding, style and content! We offer this service so your social media channels can convert into sales and leads.

Social media setup in Ballarat and Melbourne

Earn more from your business with a strong social media presence!

Most small businesses are not taking full advantage of the huge earning opportunities available via social media.  So don't miss out!

Social media is amazing for increasing brand awareness, advertising and simply getting more sales.

Get in touch to find out how your business can benefit from being on social media.

We Can Help Your Social Media Presence With:

  • Style guide and content calendar creation

  • Regular group marketing workshops (Ballarat CBD)

  • Social media setup for Instagram or Facebook

  • Training sessions so you can learn how to create content, edit your photos, post content and network effectively

  • Get your account up and running

  • Social media advertising

  • Editing your content, captions and hashtags for maximum results

No idea which social media to use for your business?

No stress! We analyze your business and your ideal client to find out which social media presence will reach them the best and deliver the greatest amount of sales and leads. We also setup social media accounts from just $250 each using the best practices for visibility that also reflects your branding.

Social Media Training

We can cover any topics like your target market/client avatar, advertising, using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. 1.5 hr one-on-one training sessions from $135 and $390 for small groups.

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Posting & Style Guide

Need a posting content plan and style guide for your social media channels? We create editable graphic templates, and a planner so you know what to post! From $375

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