Squarespace SEO Services For Small Businesses. We Rank Your Website Higher In Organic Searches. 

Does your Squarespace website come up when you search for your business on Google? What about your main product or service?


Then it's time for some SEO attention! 

We research relevant keywords to optimize your existing content so that your business will start appearing in Google searches.

Investing in search optimization is a long-term investment, but can mean that your advertising budget can be drastically reduced (in our case to almost nothing!).

Features Of Our Squarespace SEO Services:

  • Squarespace updates

  • Keyword research and monitoring

  • Local Google business listings

  • On-page content optimization

  • Absolutely no shady or black hat techniques

  • A focus on quality over quantity- get website traffic that converts into sales

  • Design recommendations to make your website create leads

You can choose from one of our competitively priced plans, or decide on your own monthly budget. 

First, we do keyword research for your specific business and make a strategy. Then we implement the changes on your Squarespace website. After doing the groundwork we monitor the progress and tweak keywords to make sure you are getting the optimal results.

Search engine optimization is best done over a 6 month period so that tweaks and adjustments can be made to capitalise on the work already done, however we also fix SEO issues starting from $95 per hour.

Don't have the budget to invest in a plan? See our $295 Starter Pack below.


Starter Pack

We put in place on-page optimizations on the homepage of your website, including images, titles, alt tags and subtitles, internal linking and improve Squarespace settings

+ $95 for each additional page



SEO Plan

Great for established websites to start getting ongoing organic traffic. On-page optimizations, website tweaks, monitoring and web design tweaks for optimal traffic and conversions.

How it works:

Step 1: We research your target market and business, make a keyword strategy, implement on-page SEO on your website, and create a blog post plan for you to implement.

Step 2: We tweak your website design to ensure keywords are working and implement SEO on your new blog posts.

from $225 per month


SEO & Google Ads

For new small businesses to make solid progress in their niche and start appearing in their chosen keywords on Google using SEO and Ads.
On-page optimizations, blog post strategy, monitoring, web design tweaks for optimal traffic and conversions.

Step 1: We research your target market and business, make a keyword strategy, setup Google Ads, implement on-page SEO on your website, and create a blog post plan for you to implement.

Step 2: We tweak your website design, Google Ads, to ensure keywords are working and implement SEO on your new blog posts.

from $315 per month



How long does it take for my Squarespace website to start appearing in organic Google searches?

SEO can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to start ranking for various keywords.  For new websites it can take up to 12 months. Why such a large difference in time? 

Search Engine Optimization is sometimes like finding the magic ingredients to make the perfect sauce that complements your business—not all keywords and tactics work for each business and the Google algorithm is always changing. What worked last year may not work at all this year.

There are hundreds of things that affect website ranking, so it naturally takes a lot of testing and adjusting to see what will work for your business, as well as time to actually implement general improvements.


Squarespace SEO Services

Can I be the very first listing on Google?

It is usually possible to get on the first page of Google for some keywords with a lot of hard work, time, money and effort. 

However, it's highly unlikely you can be the very first listing, because there are so many ranking factors and algorithm changes.  Even if you are the first listing, you probably won't be there for very long. But if you do get there, that is great!

Emma and her team recently completed SEO for my business website. It has only been a few days since it was completed and already we are seeing the results. They were amazing to work with and the communication throughout was spot on.
— Jo Doye, Alluvia Financial
Fantastic friendly service, Emma provided us with Squarespace training and SEO for our website and on Google and we now keep our website up to date and we have more traffic and enquiries as a direct result.
— Martin Steel, 3D Comm

 Is SEO the best marketing option for my business?

No, it's not the best fit for every business.  However, we strongly believe it's currently one of the best ways to ensure small business have continuous sales leads, if the correct strategies are used to convert website traffic into sales leads. (Hint: we will also implement changes to increase conversions.)

Here’s something to think about:

How often do you search for a service or product you need using Google?  Do you usually scroll past the paid ads at the top of the search results.  I know I do!

Then imagine how much traffic the businesses in the organic Google listing receive on the 1st page, or even the 2nd page.  Not bad at all!

This is the aim of SEO, to receive organic traffic to your website, that ideally lead to sales or some kind of conversion e.g. email signup, phone call, email, etc.

SEO services for websites in Ballarat and Melbourne

Don't have much money to invest?

We have a Starter Pack - for only $295 we put in place basic search engine optimization standards on the homepage of your website and correctly setup Squarespace for search on your entire website.

Squarespace SEO Starter Pack Includes:

  • Optimized images

  • Alt descriptions

  • Snippets/page description

  • Headings & subheadings

  • Internal linking

  • Other tweaks that will increase page rank

  • Speed optimization

  • Squarespace settings

Often just covering the basics is enough for your website to start ranking for a couple of non-competitive keywords.


Not Sure If You Need SEO?

Book in our audit for just $150 and find out how your website can improve.

Marketing For Small Businesses

Nail your social media presence and marketing strategy with our reasonably priced marketing services.